Reserva Biosfera La Palma

Accommodation en Barlovento

Visiting and knowing La Palma Biosphere Worldwide Reserve leads to ride it calmly, so as to appreciate each corner where natural beauty is mixed with tranquility irradiated by its culture and people, which implies counting with a place to rest comfortably.   

In this sense, the Island counts with a varied offer of accommodation places, where a huge effort has been made to set up quality criteria making it different from others and at the same time offering a comfortable stay in our territory.

This effort is recognized when the accommodations were incorporated to the Touristic Product Club of the Biosphere Reserve, where, from inherent quality standards, the accommodation sustainability and good service are valued, among other features.   

When visiting this website section, we propose you to select your accommodation in La Palma, either by choosing type of accommodation or the municipality where you wish to stay. 

Casa Rural Facundo B
Casas Rurales.
Casa Rural Eloína
Casas Rurales.
Casa Rural Simón
Casas Rurales.
Casa Rural Facundo A.
Casas Rurales.
Casa Rural Peluquina
Casas Rurales.



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