Reserva Biosfera La Palma

Actividades Complementarias

The whole territory of La Palma Biosphere Worldwide Reserve is an accurate place to carry out active tourism proposals, and that’s why we have different leisure offers so as to know in a dynamic and funny way as well as in close contact with nature, the incredible places this Island has to offer.

In this sense, we may find several and original proposals as hiking, diving, star observation, astronomic roads and marine excursions, among others. They are part of a group of opportunities allowing you to know and enjoy the extraordinary corners of La Palma.

The resources offered by the territory, have given place to corporate activities, sustainable with the environment where they are performed and leading the local population and visitors, to enjoy in privileged settings, by means of original activities.  On account of these peculiarities, some of these companies take part of the Touristic Product Club Biosphere Reserves and we invite you, through this section in the website, to select the activities most suitable to your preferences, being able to look for them in relation to the municipality you are in or by alphabetical order.  

Ctro. Naturaleza La Rosa
Centros de Naturaleza
Casa de Buceo
Ocio Activo
Natour Travel
Ocio Activo
Buceo Sub La Palma
Ocio Activo
Finca La Principal
Actividades Complementarias



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