Reserva Biosfera La Palma

Tourism in La Palma

Tourism in La Palma is one of the most important resources, and that’s why La Palma Biosphere Reserve has been fostering different alternatives to promote a sustainable and responsible tourism with the island’s environment. Moreover, all institutions in cooperation with the reserve philosophy through the Touristic Product Club of Spanish Reserves have been aimed to be promoted and recognized.

Touristic Product Club of Spanish Biosphere Reserves

The Touristic Product Club is a common initiative for the whole Network of biosphere reserves, within the Spanish Tourism Plan Horizonte 2020, which promotes the knowledge and enjoyment of the natural heritage from the sustainable development point of view.

The goal of this project is to ease the fast and secure incorporation of definite local services and products with a touristic purpose in a wide network of territories, in order to get better competitive advantages in the market and a specialized promotion.

Forma parte del Club Turístico

La Palma, destino turístico sostenible

La Palma BiosphereWorldwide Reserve, together with the Island Council of La Palma, the Institute of Responsible Tourism (IRT) and the Tourism Worldwide Organization (UNTWO), have been developing a series of sustainability strategies in the touristic sector, so as to avoid the negative effects to be produced by this economic sector on the Island.

La Palma, starlight destination

Startlight is an international initiative, created by UNESCO, advocating for the quality of the night sky as a scientific, cultural and environmental right of humanity. Its main goal is the preservation and restoration of the visual space allowing us to get light from the stars. By means of this project, the importance of clean skies for humanity is expected to be strengthened, by highlighting and informing the value this endangered heritage has for science, education, culture, tourism and evidently, as a factor for life quality.