Reserva Biosfera La Palma

Villa de Mazo

Population:          4,955  inhabitants

Surface:                71.5 km²

Altitude:                472 masl

Brief Description:

This is a traditionally agricultural municipality, with crops such as vineyards, fig trees, cereals, potatoes, etc. and several cattle exploitations devoted to the production of handcrafted goat cheese.

The landscape is characterized by the existence of several volcanic cones, where the mountain Montaña del Azufre stands out, a specially protected space.In such municipality, two historic eruptions took place in La Palma Island, the oldest one is the Martín Volcano eruption in 1646 and in 1949, the one of San Juan Volcano, which created craters called Hoyo Negro and Duraznero.

How to reach Villa de Mazo:

The access way to reach the municipality is the southern LP-2 Road. If our destination is the urban center of Villa de Mazo, we would take the detour through LP-208.

La Palma


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