Reserva Biosfera La Palma


Population:           5,697 inhabitants

Surface:               14 km²

Altitude:               107 masl

Brief Description:

La Villa and Puerto de Tazacorte is the smallest municipality of the island.This is a fishing shelter and of agricultural nature at the same time, having become one of the best banana areas in Canary Islands.
The historical center of Puerto de Tazacorte, located in the last part of Barranco de Las Angustias, is the oldest in the area, a place where La Palma conquest got started in 1492.

Nowadays, the historic neighborhood of Puerto de Tazacorte counts with the most important fishing port on the island, with a large dock for yatchs and a huge beach of fine black sand. This area shows one of the most tropical weathers on the island, with an average temperature between 20 and 30 degrees during the whole year.

How to reach La Villa and Puerto de Tazacorte:

The access ways to Tazacorte are LP-3 Road (island communication road crossing the island from east to west), connecting to LP-2 Road, joining Los Llanos de Aridane with Tazacorte.

La Palma


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