Reserva Biosfera La Palma


Population:          1,714  inhabitants

Surface:               100 km²

Altitude:               400 masl

Brief Description:

The municipality of Garafía, which originally matched the old Tagalguen canton, is located at the northwestern part of the Island, between the municipalities of Puntagorda and Barlovento. Livestock and agriculture are its main wealth.Cheese production is remarkable, which considered among the best in the Canary region.In the surrounding areas, potatoes, fruits and vegetables are also cultivated.

Its rough topography, with deep drops, gorges and high cliffs are part of an exceptional landscape.In the high areas, due to the inaccessibility of the ground, splendid laurel forests and magnificent Canary pines are therein preserved.

How to reach Garafía:

The access way is Northern LP-1 Road.

La Palma


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