Reserva Biosfera La Palma

El Paso

Population:          7,837 inhabitants

Surface:               135 km2

Altitude:               from 400 up to 2,400 masl

Brief Description:

El Paso municipality is located in the geographic center of La Palma Island; it is the municipal term without a coastal line and, however, it is the one of greatest surface extension.

Its basic economy is centered in agriculture, and, on account of its topography and several altitudes, a variety of crops may be found:such as bananas, produced in the lowest parts and chestnuts in the summits, going through tobacco, oranges, almonds, vineyards, pastures, etc.

Almond trees stand out among them, on account of their number, with a decreased importance during the last years. Another remarkable crop is the vineyard, plentiful in Las Manchas area, where edaphic conditions are optimal for their development.

In this municipal term there are natural milestones of paramount importance such as the National Park of Caldera de Taburiente, Cumbre Vieja Natural Park, la Cumbrecita, Tacande Volcano or San Juan Volcano, among others.

How to reach El Paso:

It may be easily reached by road, through La Cumbre, following LP-3 Road, crossing the municipality transversally.In order to get to the neighbors located at the southern part of the municipality, LP-2 Road should be chosen towards Los Canarios.


La Palma


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