Reserva Biosfera La Palma

Belmaco Archaeological Park

The pre-Hispanic settlement of Belmaco is, undoubtedly, La Palma's most symbolic point. It is the first archaeological field discovered on the Canary Islands. This settlement is composed by a beautiful station of geometric rupestrian engravings, with 4 panels exhibiting, above all, spirals, concentric and meandering circles.
The cave shows magnificent dwelling conditions and was permanently occupied by Benahoaritas (aborigines). The legend sustains that this was the place inhabited by the captains of Tigalate canton, two brothers known as Juguiro and Garhagua. Another interesting datum is that the burial of people took place inside the cave. All these evidences made these caves to be related to magic-religious shrines, where mainly all kinds of rites related to the rain petition took place.


  • By car:
- The Archaeological Park is located by the southern LP-2 road, in San Juan de Belmaco village.


Villa de Mazo


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Bien de Interés Cultural (BIC) con categoría de Monumento
Certificación Biosphere Discover

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Upon previous ticket presentation: Adults € 2.00 / Children € 0.75

Villa de Mazo

La Palma


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